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What We Do

We Entertain

Our production company consists of young artists, with and without autism, who are dedicated to changing the way the world sees autism & related disabilities. We create original film and theater productions that connect with all audiences.


We show how people of all abilities can overcome challenges, and make an impact on the world. Our artists, students, and interviewees are proof of that.
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We Teach

We teach drama workshops for children, with and without disabilities, about practicing empathy, social skills, and effective communication. And we use videos of our productions to teach empathy in the classroom as well.

Our Latest Production

Michelle Zeman Board Certified Behavior Analyst

The Autism Theater Project highlights a variety of important skills for students as a way to build self-confidence and self-esteem. The way that the classes are structured is very organized and straightforward. The social scenes are incredibly useful to help each student apply how they can problem-solve when faced with difficult situations. I highly recommend this workshop!

Olivia Nguyen Playwright

"My name is Olivia Nguyen and I am 27 years old. I was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder at the age of 6. I decided to join the Autism Theatre Project to help bring joy to others and bring awareness to others around. We are currently working on a webseries called "The Voice Inside" which is about a character named Matt, who is also on spectrum. I am very excited to work on this project, because I can relate to the character Matt as he goes through his journey and overcomes his obstacles. What I hope teens will learn from our webseries is that everyone is different and we can learn from eachother's experiences in life."

Matteo Esposito Playwright

"What excites me [about 'The Voice Inside'] is the collaboration of different artists to tell a uniquely autistic story! As a playwright on the spectrum from Canada, I love that we all can bring something to the table, even though we are from different parts of the world and are different."

James McGhee Head of Alexander Montessori School

Gena Sims has many talents. She is a writer, singer, director, dancer, actor, entrepreneur, educator, advocate, and she is dedicated to community service. All these aspects of Gena are evident in her work. I was pleased to be a member of the audience when Gena performed in her play, “In the Life of a Child”. The play engaged me and touched my heart. The play shows us the inner voice and struggles of a child with autism, as well as giving flashbacks that provide an insight into the child’s mother, who receives the diagnosis and wonders what the future will be for her child. We hear the inner voice of the child both in dialogue and song.

Autism Theater Project 03
Alexandra Aurora Pupo Founder and President of Autism Theater Project

Working with Gena Sims for the Autism Theater Project has helped me understand the beauty of the arts when we combine the passion of creators of all differing abilities. The Autism Theater Project has been able to educate and support the community around it little by little and has much potential to cause great change on a larger scale in the future! I cannot wait to see what is in store for this organization

Nicolette Abrams Fundraising Management Intern

I began working with the Autism Theater Project remotely from Maryland in September and my experience has been extremely enlightening. I was inspired to volunteer with ATP because it presented an opportunity for me to fuse my passion for business and economics with advocacy for communities different from my own. Through participating in the production and advertising of educational and relatable videos for students and teachers,

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