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The highly anticipated trailer for Autism Theater Project’s new production, The Voice Inside, has finally arrived! As Albert Einstein once said “Everyone is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it’s stupid.”  Like Einstein, Matt, (the protagonist of The Voice Inside), believes people are often judged on the wrong criteria.  Recently I watched the trailer, and I was able to get an early viewing of the first episode of The Voice Inside.  The trailer gave me high hopes for the show and the first episode did not disappoint.   The Voice Inside centers on Matt, a high school-aged teen who is met with the struggles of figuring out life after high school and navigating romantic crushes.  Upon watching the first episode, I can now say that this show is truly one-of-a-kind.  The Voice Inside displays autism in a genuine and authentic manner that allows the viewer to engage with the show and feel empathy, joy, and love for the protagonist.  The story of Matt is inspiring and appealing to all audiences, as it teaches us that what people have to offer isn’t always so obvious to the world.  The Voice inside shows us that people are worth believing in.  This show is heartwarming, riveting, and great for family, friends, and single-viewing.   The Voice Inside tells a compelling story that often goes unrepresented in the media and misrepresented on TV.  The way autism is portrayed on TV is important as it can impact people’s view of people on the spectrum in real-life.  Too often autism may be over-fictionalized.  But ATP ensures authenticity by involving people on the spectrum in major roles as part of the creative process.   This new series aims to represent autism realistically while connecting with audiences of all kinds.  From what I have seen, “The Voice Inside” is a wonderful show meant for all.  Change Your Life in 2024, Starting w/The Voice Inside – YouTube By Leah Mendez 

Insight From an ATP Fundraising and Marketing Intern!

As a fundraising and marketing intern, my experience at the Autism Theater Project has been full of very fulfilling activity. I’ve gotten to work with numerous autistic people on the ATP’s series, The Voice Inside, as well as having the opportunity to film scenes with the very talented cast. This experience has taught me so much about autistic and special needs people, much of which I might have never learned without joining the ATP team. I love that every week I have the opportunity to collaborate with other interns in an effort to uplift the autistic community nation-wide!

“Employing Disabled People IS NOT Charity!” Check Out Our Newest YouTube Video!

Unemployment is a crisis for autistic adults. And ATP is working to solve it. Here, @genasims19 talks about giving a writer on the spectrum is first real job in the entertainment industry. Our pro-artists on the spectrum are treated as assets, not liabilities. Stay tuned for “The Voice Inside”, a series cowritten by the writer mentioned @matteoesposito8 !!! Click the link below to watch!:

Insight From An ATP Team Member

What do you like most about working for the Autism Theater Project? “I like the fact that we are telling the story of an underrepresented community that is based uponreal life events. People do not realize how important of a launching pad youth and schooling isand if you don’t have the right mentors and training you’re doomed to a life of dependency. Thisstory challenges that narrative of what we commonly think of autism and changed the way I seethe community.” –Sefanja Galon, Actor in The Voice Inside

Autism Theater Project Influential Moment!

Name a memorable Autism Theater Project experience. “One of the most impactful experiences I’ve had with ATP was giving my co-writer, Matteo Esposito, his first true professional paycheck.  He cried when I spoke with him about giving him jobs through speaking engagements and writing gigs for our series, “The Voice Inside”.  As a 25-year old with autism, who struggled in special education, he was told way too many times that he would never achieve much.  And he was so grateful to ATP for making his professional dreams come true.  I assured him that we weren’t paying him out of charity.  We were paying him because of the value he added to our team through his work.  Please donate so we can give more talented adults on the spectrum their first jobs!  The donate button is on the homepage of our website.  Your contribution means the world to our whole team.  And you can learn more about the series we’re producing here:“ Thank you for your support <3″  -Gena Sims, ATP Founder on a memorable ATP experience.

Meet the ATP Team!

How do we make peace with uncertainty? (Answered by ATP founder, Gena Sims) “That’s a question we all face, but it has a special significance to families of those with autism.  The young adults on the spectrum I work with have taught me that a happy, fulfilling, successful future is entirely feasible for any child, no matter what negative prediction was made about them in the past.  The key is faith.” TVI writer Matteo Esposito speaks about this beautifully in this ATP interview:

Recognition For The Voice Inside On NBC, And More!

NBC6 Shoutout We have some great news that we look forward to sharing with you all! We have been featured on NBC6! Click the link below to read about our journey towards our web series, The Voice Inside, with a one-on-one interview with one of our actors, Fiona! Be sure to share this great news with others via the link! The Voice Inside Updates   We are so excited that the second episode of our series, The Voice Inside is officially in production! Like our first episode, the second will feature actors of all abilities telling inspirational stories about perseverance.  One of our goals at the Autism Theater Project is to have The Voice Inside shown in schools and organizations throughout the country. If you are interested in showings contact us at If you would like to donate to help us continue to film, follow the link below to our website and click “Donate” or contact the email address listed. Family Café The Autism Theater Project looks forward to our inclusion in the 25th Family Cafe event from June 9th-11th, 2023 at the Hyatt Regency Orlando. As listed on The Family Cafe’s Website, “The Annual Family Café brings together thousands of people with disabilities and their family members for three days of education, training, and networking each year.” Follow us on Facebook: Follow us on Instagram: Subscribe to our YouTube Channel:

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