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Our productions are proudly sponsored by the National Society of Arts and Letters.

Our Production Company’s Mission

  • To empower Generation Z to overcome obstacles, and achieve anyway
  • To show the world how an autism diagnosis can be the beginning of a remarkable success story
  • To give people of all abilities opportunities to inspire others with their own success stories
  • To give young artists of all abilities opportunities to collaborate on original productions
  • To tell stories on screen and onstage that are universally relatable, entertaining, and inspiring

About Our Play “In the Life of a Child”:

“In the Life of a Child” is about a non-verbal autistic girl who dreams that the “talking children” on the Playground could hear the voice inside her head, and see her life story be told. Little does the girl know how she will inspire the other children, and how they will teach her to believe in herself…

“I was first inspired to make ‘In the Life of a Child’ when at 15, I was taking my autistic sister to the park. I tried to encourage her to go to the playground, but she totally refused. She was anxious about joining the other kids, who spoke so easily, and may not understand her struggles. But I knew not only was she missing out- so were the other kids. She has so much to teach them. “So I made it my goal to tell a story about autism one day, that would help children with and without disabilities connect to one another. And my proudest moment was when children told me ‘In the Life of a Child’ made them see that people are one and the same!” ~ Gena Sims

Originally developed at Carnegie Mellon School of Drama, “In the Life of a Child” has also been professionally produced at Actors’ Playhouse and Miami Children’s Theater in Miami, Florida. Check out the “Our Classes” page of our website to read how we incorporate this play into our curriculum.

About Our Web Series “The Voice Inside”

“The Voice Inside” tells real stories about teens overcoming challenges in their lives, from their own perspectives. We feature stories from people with and without disabilities, about the crucial decisions they made and how they made them.

The audience will hear “the voice inside” each main character’s head, including those with limited speech. By hearing “the voice inside”, the audience learns how characters overcome doubts, and steer their minds in a positive direction.

Our scriptwriters include professional autistic playwrights, who are so excited to tell their own success stories, among others’! To check out our vision for the series, watch this short film, inspired by autism advocate Cody Clark’s story:

Play Video

***”The Voice Inside” is supported by YoungArts.***

To audition for us, or get your story featured on “The Voice Inside”, send us a message via the “Contact Us” webpage!


And to check out videos from our Interview Series on YouTube, click on the photos below: 

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