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We create theater and film productions that do the following:

See the “Our Productions” page for more information.


We teach drama workshops for children, with and without disabilities, about practicing empathy, social skills, and effective communication.  Our classes have been featured at several locations, including Kia Kidz Martial Arts Center, Great Heights Academy, and We Rock the Spectrum Gym in Miami, Florida.

We also taught our latest program, “Playground Empathy”, at Alexander Montessori School. Designed for advanced elementary students, the program focuses on helping children become effective leaders on the playground and beyond.

See the “Our Classes” page for more information about our curriculum.


  • We interview successful adults with disabilities, as well as teachers and caregivers for disabled children, about how they overcome obstacles and achieve success.
  • Check out this interview with autistic playwright Matteo Esposito, among others on our YouTube channel.
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