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About Our TV Series “The Voice Inside”

“The Voice Inside” (TVI) is a groundbreaking, interactive docudrama based on teens and young adults’ true success stories. The series gives profound insight into the perspectives of those with autism and how they overcome obstacles. And “The Voice Inside” also gives insight into how young people face other challenges (such as trauma recovery, financial hardships, evading trafficking schemes, running away, grief, dyslexia, and just the fear of growing up). Our goal is for every viewer to be able to find a TVI character they relate to. And our message to young people is this: “achieve anyway, no matter your circumstances.”

To make the series interactive, TVI is structured so that viewers can interact with the show at key turning points. At those points, viewers practice effective decision-making by hearing “the voice inside” a character’s head, and choosing which decision that character makes. The viewers then see the consequences of that decision play out in the next episode. And the viewers are then redirected to an episode based on the decision that the person in real life, (who that character was inspired by), actually made.

ATP’s team had 2+ years of development workshops with teens to make sure TVI appeals to this audience. We then began production for TVI in 2023, had TVI featured on NBC 6, and attracted Hollywood producers’ attention.

So far, our pilot episode was awarded “Best TV Show Pilot” at the Los Angeles International Short Film Festival, was a finalist at the New York International Film Awards, and was selected by the Toronto International Nollywood Film Festival, Mental Health Warrior Film Festival, & Naked Mountain International Film Festival.

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***”The Voice Inside” is supported by YoungArts.***

To audition for us, or get your story featured on “The Voice Inside”, send us a message via the “Contact Us” webpage!


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About Our Play “In the Life of a Child”:

A non-speaking girl dreams that the “talking children” on the Playground could hear the voice inside her head. In her dream world, the children see her life story be told through music and dance. And the little girl inspires the other children to open up about their own life stories. Together, they realize that they are more alike than they are different. And ultimately, the “talking children” encourage the non-speaking girl to believe in herself and the power she has to make an impact on the “real world”.

Our play has been showcased at Carnegie Mellon University, Actors’ Playhouse Miracle Theater, Miami Children’s Theater, and the Teatro Della Pergola in Florence, Italy.
And ATP’s proudest moment was when after the show, children in our audience told us that ‘In the Life of a Child’ made them see that people are one and the same.

We are so excited to impact more audiences!

Stay tuned for future productions.

Our Production Company’s Mission

  • To empower Generation Z to overcome obstacles, and achieve anyway
  • To show the world how an autism diagnosis can be the beginning of a remarkable success story
  • To give people of all abilities opportunities to inspire others with their own success stories
  • To give young artists of all abilities opportunities to collaborate on original productions
  • To tell stories on screen and onstage that are universally relatable, entertaining, and inspiring

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